Sunday, 14 April 2013

Finished Garment : Wiksten Tova Shirt

I recently made up the Wiksten Tova Shirt (which is currently sold out unfortunately but more stock arriving very soon!).  The pattern includes a longer dress length also but I just made the tunic length which falls to my lower hips halfway over my bottom ( I'm 5'7 so it generous in length)
The instructions are really well written and feature plenty of pictures to help you along the way. The pattern came together easily, I was a little concerned about the stand collar being tricky but it was a breeze!

 ( I'm making a weird face here, not sure what that's all about but the lighting is pretty good so I'm putting it up anyway)

I used a cotton voile from Tessuti's ( you can buy it here ) which was a good choice. I personally wouldn't use anything too heavy as you have a couple of layers to sew through with the collar.

I have been wearing this shirt loads as our weather cools down here and I would love to make another shirt, Plaid flannel would be nice I also like the idea of a white/cream crepe de chine too!

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