Sunday, 28 September 2014

Latest Make ~ Tessuti Suzy Pants and Grainline Studio Archer Shirt

For those of you who follow my Instagram, you may have seen a picture of this pop up over the weekend here's a rundown of the patterns used, fabric and my thoughts.

The pants are Tessuti Fabrics Suzy Pants. Another excellent pattern from Tessuti that like their stores and service I could praise all day.
I cut a size small and like the Esther Shorts it was spot on, I also think the relaxed fit of these helped.
The only changes I made were to the waistband. I personally wasn't keen on the elastic at the top of the band so I used same pattern piece but cut two to create a facing and inserted wide elastic all the way through and then used a very small zig-zag stitch to stitch two lines of stitching over the top ( does that make sense?).  This gave a more rtw look but also is more flattering for shorter length tops or tucked in tops, again this is in my opinion.
  I love the fit of these pants, I was very hesitant of this style for some time as like a lot of women my bottom and thighs are my widest spots and I just didn't think they would be flattering and I also couldn't get the mental pic of MC Hammer ( or the song) out of my head but the soft fabric and pleats flow nicely over those areas and don't seem to accentuate.

The fabric is a polyester, which I NEVER buy but I loved this print and I had to have it polyester or not and I was actually pleasantly surprised. It has a lovely feel and isn't too sticky or hot to wear. I was also quite nice to sew with to too slippery. I purchased it from Anna Ka Bazaar online store which is based in Paris ( hey if I cant get there I can still shop from there ) and has since sold out but they have some really gorgeous fabrics and fantastic service check them out.

The shirt I am ashamed to say I made over a year ago and never blogged. It's the much loved ( and for good reason) Archer shirt. This was my first Archer and I honestly never though I would make a professional looking button down shirt.

 This pattern is superbly drafted and between the instructions and sew-a-long posts on the Grainline studio blog you simply cannot go wrong. I made zero changes as this was the first time I had used pattern but I wish I had made a little longer.

 The fabric is a chambray from Tessuti that I should have purchased an entire roll of because it's amazing. I wear this shirt nearly every week and love it, chambray is like black it goes with everything :-)

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