Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Interview with Abby Horskins the woman behind Bluegingerdoll Patterns

I am pleased to announce The Sew Knit Create shop will be stocking the first sewing pattern, The Billie Jean dress from a new pattern company Bluegingerdoll Patterns. Designed by the very talented and lovely Abby Horskins who was kind enough to answer a few questions for me about how her little company came about, inspirations and plans for the future. This is my first ever interview here on Sew Knit Create and I have to say I am very excited!!

1.  Tell me a little bit about yourself and how you became interested in sewing?
My mum was a great seamstress, making all of mine and my siblings clothes when we were little,but  high school was my first sewing experience of actually making something on my own, and to be honest i  didn't take to it at all - it may have been a combination of a boring teacher and the making of a felt football and pink tracksuit pants, really  weren't all that inspiring. I didn't really start addictivly  sewing until my mid  twenties,  and have been sewing at least something nearly every day since.  I became  totally inspired at the idea that sewing was much more than felt footballs and pink tracksuit pants, and there was a whole world of sewing for me to explore and to be totally creative.

2. What was your inspiration for the Billie Jean pattern?

     Billie Jean was inspired and influenced by the classic designs of the 50s. I  just really wanted to create a timeless dress pattern  that was relatively straight forward to sew, with  a classic and flattering bodice and skirt  design that were feminine and able to take you to weddings, parties, dinner etc as well as just being glamorous day to day.

3. Billie Jean  is definitely a vintage inspired style , is this what we can expect from future patterns?

Future Bluegingerdoll patterns will definitely  also be vintage inspired, with hints from the  40s and 50s.

4. Who/what/where do you look to for, for   style and design inspiration?

     Mainly my inspiration comes from the vintage eras of the  40s and  50s, but i also find inspiration  in fabrics  i come across, everyday life, old Hollywood movie stars such as  Marilyn Monroe, Katherine Hepburn, Ava Gardner and also an inspiration, for their  style, grace and femininity.

5. Where do you envisage Bluegingerdoll Patterns going in the future? World domination perhaps? 

   World domination would be awesome!!!  But i would be completely happy with  seeing Bluegingerdoll  sewing patterns  being enjoyed and  sewn up by talented seamstress around the world. And continuing on with designing classic and flattering vintage inspired sewing patterns, for the glamourous side in all us gals.
 So there you have it. The Billie Jean pattern will be instore mid to late June I will post when stock arrives so you can snap up your copy!
  Here are some more pics of the Billie Jean dress to inspire you

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