Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Recreate Hilly Holbrook's Dress

Hi Ladies,

Have you seen The Help? If your a vintage/retro lover you most likely have. I had read the book several times and loved it and I also loved the movie.  Sharen Davis the films costume designer did an awesome job of the costumes. There were 50 custom made costumes used, the rest being sourced from vintage stores and costume rental shops.
Sharen has designed for several other fims set in this period ( early to mid 1960's for those who arent familiar with the book/film) Dreamgirls and Ray. 

Early in the movie, Bryce Dallas Howards character ,Hilly Holbrook, comes out in a full skirted floral number and I instantly thought " Thats the Colette Patterns Chantilly Dress!".

Sharen has added pink bows at the neckline and waist

 (Colette Patterns Chantilly Dress, buy Here)

The only difference I could see was the back bodice which also feature the same gathering as the front. The Chantilly is a fitted back bodice.
This style of print is easy to pick up in a light to medium cotton ( best weight for the Chantilly) in either a new or vintage fabric. Keep your eye out on Etsy, I found these fabrics which would work well:

                                                                  (purchase here)

                                                               (purchase here)

                                                             (purchase here)

Part of the reason I started sewing was because of my love of vintage fashion and wanting to recreate the looks for myself I always get excited when I see a style like this come up. I wonder if Sharen used the Colette Pattern when she made the Hilly Holbrook dress?

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