Thursday, 16 August 2012

Dainty Delicates

I have had this pattern for The Makers Journal Tie Side Knickers since Christmas and had half finished a few pairs and got side tracked with other projects.
Today I finally finished them.

 I used Liberty of London Tana lawn purchased at Tessuti and the elastic was purchased on etsy.
I made two pairs with the ribbon tie side, which is what the actual pattern calls for ( both the same so I haven't pictured both), and decided to make two regular bikini briefs.


Sewing the elastic can be a little fiddly I would recommend a practice run first. Also you dont need an overlocker for these as long as your machine has a zigzag stitch you are good to go.
I made the size 10 but I might make a size bigger next time, After having my baby I dont find hipster pants comfortable I like a higher waist and a bigger size would give me a little more coverage lol.

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